Advantages of Concierge Services

New Moon Wellness clinicians utilize an integrative approach in treating clients and
is not limited to the confines of traditional therapeutic practice.

Concierge services differ from traditional therapy by providing support and guidance in the luxury of your home, office or other location of your choice. These services are for people who choose not to rely on insurance. It is designed to meet the needs of high profile clientele who prefer privacy and schedule flexibility. The services provided are strictly confidential and discreet and no report is made to your insurance company.

More Quality Time

Clients will always be provided with a session that allows enough time to meet their needs, compared to typical therapy sessions which are 45-50 minutes in length


No outside entity will dictate the amount of time or frequency of the sessions


Concierge services are designed to help the client avoid unnecessary stress and the inconvenience of having to arrange transportation to and from appointments

Direct Access

All calls and emails will receive a personal response from our team in a timely manner


Our team has the ability to provide services in a variety of locations which can help clients increase their comfort level in their most vulnerable moments.


Our partnership will always address the client’s immediate needs